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Street Lit by E.X. Felon


 The Intro


It no longer takes committing an actual crime for you to be punished by the law;

a simple finger pointed in your direction or the calling of your name by a snitch will take care of that chore.


It doesn't matter 
whether one shred of evidence presented to the Grand Jury about you is true;

the Grand Jury will approve the prosecutor's request for an indictment to be issued on you.


They in turn will get a judge to issue a warrant for your imminent arrest;

police come by the car loads to your home or office with guns drawn and wearing their bullet proof vests.


You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, that's what the system suggests;

but tell that to all the people that see you being dragged out in handcuffs with guns pointed at your back 
and chest.


From the time you get indicted, arrested and booked; there's only one thing for certain...

                                                     Your goose is cooked!




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