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Risks, Rewards and Consequences by E.X. Felon


No! No! No!

I wish my Risks, Rewards and Consequences were that easy and straight forward.

Don't get me wrong, that is a hell of a risk he's taking climbing like that; the rewards are self-fulfilling and we know if he falls, the consequence will be death for sure.


But no...My Risks, Rewards and Consequences is about taking Risks in criminal activites in order to make some fast money, (Rewards)  and not go to prison or end up in a cemetery (Consequences)

Risks, Rewards & Consequences is a fact-based work of fiction that covers federal crimes where race, sex and religion is of no significance. It covers more than drugs, sex, and violence. However, no book that realistically covers crimes can be without those. It is a fun, exciting, educational, page-turner with fascinating characters from all walks of life whose family, relationships, friendships, cultural and even religious issues come into play....but, my novel has a twist unlike any other ever written --Urban or Mainstream. As the story is being told and the criminal activities unfold (Risks), I use clever ways to point out to the reader the realistic amount of money (Rewards) that the character will make, the Federal Statutes being broken, the Sentencing Guidelines outlining the amount of time that the judge can assess to the crime, along with fines and forfeitures (Consequences).





E. X. Felon writes Street / Urban fiction. His novels are about the type of crimes that you see on the news and in your neighborhoods everyday. But they delve deep into the hearts and minds of the characters and deal with family drama, love and relationships, as well as the criminal aspect. You don’t have to be a thug or gangster or convict to be able to relate to the characters or enjoy the stories.


E. X. Felon’s mission is to captivate and entertain his readers, while educating them and thus hopefully save a few from crossing the line and ending up in prison, or worst, a grave.


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